Make it a family movie night with Disney!

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Family Movie Night

A great way to bring the family back together is with a family movie night, as Walt Disney himself said, "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.". Here are a few ideas to get you started:

• Set a movie start time and make sure that no one is late. Friday nights are perfect for movie nights because after a long week of work and school, it's a pleasant way to unwind.

• It's not easy to escape into a movie when you've got dishes and laundry calling you from the other room, so try and work together as a family to get your chores completed before the movie starts.

• Ask the kids to make tickets and sell them in a pretend box office. Use a large cardboard box that's cut out and decorated to look like a real box office.

• A dimly lit room and plenty of comfortable seats are essential. Comfy bean bags and floor pillows are great.

• Don't forget popcorn. The microwave variety is OK; even better is stove-popped corn that comes in an assortment of different flavors. Try some flavors you might not have had before – pecan praline, sour cream and chives, and spiced apple are just some of the exciting varieties available.

• If you want a nostalgic evening, watch some old cartoons before the movie starts.

• Give family members a chance to take a break or hit the fridge.


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